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University Scholarships 2015

Postdoctoral Research in Science-innovation Studies at Leiden University, Netherlands

The Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) investigates the development of science, technology and science-related innovation – often by using large-scale databases of scientific publications and patents. CWTS is a leading provider of science & technology indicators and of performance and benchmark studies of scientific groups and institutes, including bibliometric mapping and network analysis of science. CWTS has...

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PhD Position in Designing Smart Wearable Medical Devices at TU/e University, Netherlands

The PhD candidate working on the project will have extensive collaboration with different partners of the project team. The Chinese PI Professor Yuan Ting Zhang will lead the R&D on algorithm-based development at the Key Lab for the Health Informatics, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Science, Shenzhen, China. TU/e Industrial Design will lead the unobtrusive smart wearable medical systems design,...


PhD Studentship in the Department of Applied Physics, TU/e University, Netherlands

The aim of your work is to visualize and model water transport through water based coatings into wood. You will apply various Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) tools to image water profiles in both wood and coatings during water uptake. NMR relaxation techniques will be used to determine the state of water in both the wood and the polymeric coating on top of the wood. You will connect the outcomes with information on the structure of...


Utrecht University: PhD Position in Grassland Biodiversity, Netherlands 2012

The Environmental Science Group at the department of Innovation and Environmental Sciences is calling applicants for the position of PhD researcher Grassland biodiversity. You will participate in the project “Biodiversity restoration in grasslands; understanding the role of plant traits and their plasticity in N:P-stoichiometry and competition” financed by the Netherlands Science Foundation (NWO). Human-induced eutrophication causes...


PhD Research: Live Cell Imaging of Intracellular Vesicle Trafficking, Netherlands 2012

Receptor down regulation is a negative feedback mechanism that is essential for the regulation growth factor signaling. Crucial steps in this process are the internalization of activated receptors and transport to lysosomes. Although many components of the endocytotic machinery are known, the exact mechanism of receptor endocytosis and subsequent trafficking through the cell is still a mistery. The goal of this project is to...