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ZEF Doctoral Scholarship for Analyzing the Dynamics of Macronutrient Cycles, 2014

…to participate in the disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses of the ZEF Doctoral studies program which is scheduled October 2014-February 2015. During the analysis, simulation and writing-up period of the dissertation,…

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International Academic Fellowships for UK Applicants in 2014/15

…learn any of the courses. Who can apply to this scholarship? Candidates must hold an established post in UK institutions of higher education, museums or art galleries, or comparable…

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Imam Bukhari and Imam Tirmizi Visiting Research Fellowships in UK, 2014

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies is offering Visiting research fellowships for the citizens from Asia or Africa. Preference will be given to those studying classical Islamic sciences, although other areas…

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ACLS Fellowship Programme in Humanities & Related Social Sciences Disciplines in USA, 2014/15

American Council of Learned Societies offers fellowships programme in USA. Fellowships are provided in all disciplines of humanities and related social sciences to research level applicants. The students of USA…

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2014/15 Parliamentary Youth Exchange Program (PPP) in Germany and USA

German Parliament and the US Congress are jointly offering Parliamentary Youth Exchange Program (PPP) of 2014/2015 in Germany and USA. Each year 360 students and young professionals from Germany…

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